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Your Economic Benefits with GIPSY

You are looking for a high-performance dynamic data visualization, which is future-proof and saves your investments? GIPSY® is what you are looking for. Major enterprises worldwide have been employing GIPSY® over the past years, continuously enhancing their systems and stocking them up with new technologies. 

GIPSY® dramatically reduces engineering, development and maintenance efforts for HMI/SCADA systems. It is flexible with regard to new requirements and proven to be safe and secure. With GIPSY®, providers of monitoring and control systems benefit from a high return of investment, a shorter time-to-market and can respond quickly to new requirements.

GIPSY® contributes to your business success in many ways:

  • Short Time-to-Market
    GIPSY®’s highly intuitive development environment keeps the developer’s training period short and makes application development fast. A productivity is guaranteed due to GIPSY®’s superior technology, multi-language support, large number of graphs, diagrams, curves and input objects as well as an easy integration of your data.
  • Develop once – deploy anywhere
    GIPSY® is flexible when strategic decisions make platform changes for your application necessary. Once developed, your application runs on any web based platform employing current browser technology, a wide range of native Unix and Windows™ platforms, or a combination of any of them.
  • Scalability
    GIPSY® adapts to new requirements easily. Whether you want to add more workstations to your application, monitor it over the Internet or use new devices like smartphones or tablets for controlling your application, GIPSY® seamlessly conforms to your growing demands.
  • Flexibility
    Each part of a GIPSY® application can be adjusted to company or application specific requirements. So, for example, a basic monitoring system can be modified to fit both the automobile and the chemical industry.
  • Safety
    GIPSY® guarantees 24x7 operations. It allows real online configuration at runtime, so that no downtimes occur. Regardless how large or complex an application is, GIPSY® has proven to be a reliable and extremely stable toolkit for many enterprises worldwide over the past decades.
  • State-of-the-Art
    We are constantly in contact with our customers and continuously develop our product to improve it and keep it state-of-the-art.

Thus, GIPSY® remains the leading toolkit of its class. GIPSY® makes your application ready for the future. Many of our customers want to keep their proven systems. Therefore, they rely on our know-how when updating their systems and migrating them to new technologies. Especially companies with DataViews or RTworks applications use our expertise for migrating their existing system to GIPSY® in order to benefit from GIPSY®’s large range of features, its up-to-date technology and continued support. 

GIPSY Application
PRS GIPSY Application
PRS GIPSY Application
GIPSY Application
PRS GIPSY Application
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PRS GIPSY Application
GIPSY Application
PRS GIPSY Application