Keep things under control

Consulting & Project Support

PRS provides all levels of support for data acquisition and visualization projects. From telecommunication to traffic control, from energy management to space flight, PRS collaborates with your team and supports it with special knowledge and hands-on skills, including:

  • Graphical user interfaces and visualization (X11, Motif, Windows)
  • Graphic configuration and visual programming environments
  • Cross-platform software development
  • Web Technology (HTML, Java, JavaScript)
  • Databases (object-oriented, RDMS, noSQL)
  • Programming Languages (C, C++, Tcl/Tk, JavaScript, Lisp, Java, Smalltalk, Ada ...)
  • Operating Systems (Linux/Unix, Windows, iOS, VMS, ...)
  • Heterogeneous Client/Server-Systems
  • Hyper-scalable test and load generators
  • User-experience testing
  • Network-protocol testing
  • ...
PRS Consulting