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GIPSY® is a powerful dynamic graphics tool for real-time data display – be it a PC or workstation based, embedded, smartphone or tablet, or just browser based. GIPSY® is completely platform-independent and can be used on networks, individual workstations, and mobile devices. It offers a comprehensive development environment which consists of a configurable editor for drawing objects and linking them to real-time data, a GUI-Builder, and a runtime environment. The GIPSY® development environment significantly reduces efforts for development and deployment of control, command and information systems.

GIPSY is the first choice for many industries and applications

More than 400 companies worldwide have been utilizing PRS technology and products in their HMI/SCADA-, Telemetry-, and Monitoring-and-Control-Systems for more than 30 years.

Your Economic Benefits with GIPSY

You are looking for a high-performance dynamic data visualization, which is future-proof and saves your investments? GIPSY® is what you are looking for. Major enterprises worldwide have been employing GIPSY® over the past years, continuously enhancing their systems and stocking them up with new technologies. 

Extend the lifetime of your DataViews or RTworks applications and make them future-proof!

DataViews users need to be sure that their existing DataViews application is ready for the future. Therefore, many companies use our know-how when updating their DataViews applications and migrating them to new technologies. Thus, PRS and GE recommend a migration to GIPSY®.

Technical Information

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New: GIPSY functionality in Web browser!

GIPSY Application
PRS GIPSY Application
PRS GIPSY Application
GIPSY Application
PRS GIPSY Application
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