Keep things under control

Make your DataViews™ Application Ready for the Future!

GIPSY® makes your DataViews application future-proof: Use GIPSY®’s improved technology and rely on our continuously maintained software. In addition, GIPSY® offers a complete project management and allows you to monitor your application also via Internet and mobile devices if need be. 

Migrating your application is easy because GIPSY®’s dynamic data visualization supports importing from and being compatible with DataViews. Thus, every DataViews application runs with GIPSY® without any further effort. Your code, which already exists in DataViews, as well as existing views can simply be transferred. GIPSY® improves your application by offering:

  • 100% DataViews view compatibility
  • A state-of-the-art user interface
  • Multi-language, internationalization (UTF-8)
  • Animation of color gradients
  • Integration of animation in existing views, e.g. rotors, flows
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Complete RGB color space (including pictures, icons, gradients without limitation of colors)
  • Rounded edges, genuine circles
  • Pseudo 3D
  • Simplified debugging and tracing

In short:

  • GIPSY® will run your application more robust and faster
  • GIPSY® supports all current platforms, including browsers and mobile devices
  • GIPSY® offers a much more powerful and comfortable editor
  • GIPSY® allows rendering in highest quality
  • GIPSY® is continuously maintained and PRS offers comprehensive support for its flagship product 
DataViews Migration