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DataViews is a productivity toolkit for programmers and engineers who are creating customized HMI applications for Unix or Windows. Rather than having to spend time and effort programming graphics, you can add high quality, dynamic graphics quickly and easily into your application – regardless of the programming environment you’ve selected. Many other OEM Scada Systems are using DataViews, e.g. RTworks.

DataViews includes both a graphic editor and a set of graphics libraries, which ultimately are integrated into a target language (such as C or Visual Basic). By allowing DataViews to handle the graphics creation, you can focus on programming the core application. Since DataViews integrates into application code, it can support a wide variety of OS platforms, including Unix, Linux & Windows.


DV-Draw is a menu-driven software tool that lets you create complete graphic interfaces, from designing your screens to defining user interaction.  

This multipurpose interactive editor integrates a wide range of editing options such as editing of geometry, data sources, graphs, dynamics, input objects, and prototypes. Some OEMs have extended DV-Draw, e.g. RTdraw.


DV-Tools is a library of graphics routines, written in C, that works in conjunction with the DV-Draw editor. The routines range from low-level drawing functions to utilities that manipulate complex dynamic views. With DV-Tools subroutines, you can integrate DV-Draw views into graphical user interfaces for a wide range of applications.

DataViews, the worldwide de-fact-standard in dynamic data visualization has been superseded by GIPSY®, PRS' state-of-the art visualization suite.

Learn more about how you can benefit from GIPSY®.

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DataViews Application
DataViews Application
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