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GIPSY® is a powerful dynamic graphics tool for real-time data display. It offers a comprehensive development environment, which consists of a configurable editor for drawing objects and linking them to real-time data, as well as a powerful runtime environment.

Dynamic Views With G-Draw

G-Draw is an interactive graphics editor that guarantees the fast and efficient development of interactive man-machine interfaces (MMI) containing image data, data bindings, dynamics, and commands which control the behavior of the user interface.

Complete Control - GIPSY® Core

GIPSY®'s core manages the entire application and ensures the proper execution of commands and rules. It also handles events that are bound to graphical objects, acquires data, and updates the display.

Rapid Prototyping with a 4GL

GIPSY®'s integrated 4GL gives you the ability to develop a system application incrementally so that your prototype quickly evolves into a high-quality product. The built-in 4GL also allows for incremental updates during run-time, thus minimizing the maintenance down-time. The 4GL is based on Tcl/Tk, a widely accepted industry standard, and offers a powerful command set that meets even the most demanding needs of monitor and control system.

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GIPSY Application
GIPSY Application