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INEOS (former BP Köln) uses GIPSY® for the development of IMPAS (interactive modular process and appliction system), which is also available as an independent product on the market. 

IMPAS is a process information system used for recording data monitoring and controling tasks. INEOS employs the system in the company's own power station, its purification plant and its crackers, where intermediate products based on mineral oil are produced. Formerly, those plants were displayed with semi-graphics and GKS. For many years now, INEOS has been using GIPSY®. The most important reasons to choose GIPSY® were its openness and its cross-platform deployment, which allowed to shift the application from VMS to Windows. At the introduction of accessing the process data via ACPLT/KS, GIPSY®'s modular approach allows a seamless introduction of new communication modules during operations, i.e. operations need not be interrupted and there are no downtimes. PRS supported INOES in connecting GIPSY® to IMPAS and implemented the components.

In 2011, INEOS began migrating the application successfully from Windows XP to Windows 7. This refers to the operator stations in the control room as well as other areas like the laboratory or optimization. Again, GIPSY®'s openness and its cross-platfom approach helped protecting the existing investement.

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