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Honeywell AG

Honeywell AG provides automation applications for buildings of any kind and size, especially for airports, hospitals and office buildings. One of the products offered for automating and monitoring those objects is XFI (Excel Facility Integrator).

Due to its open, unix based architecture it allows the integration of heating, ventilating and air condition as well as others like fire and security technology. In total, Honeywell AG has sold more than 90 plants running with XFI in Europe and the United States with more than 900,000 physical data points (sensors and actors) connected. The visualization part of this management system was developed with DataViews. In cooperation with PRS, a custom-made editor for XFI was developed. One of the major XFI-projects is the building automation system for the new exhibition center in Leipzig. With 35,000 data points XFI monitors and controls the heating, air condition and ventilation, including electronics andlighting. The biggest project managed with XFI so far is the building automation system for the Munich airport.

Facility Management Case Studies
Facility Management Case Studies