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EUMETSAT is an inter-governmental organization created through an international convention agreed on by 17 European states. 

It launches and operates operational Meteosat satellites. The images and data delivered by those satellites are very important to improve the reliability of the weather forecast in the swift recognition and prediction of dangerous weather phenomena in Europe and the bordering continents as well as for surveying the development of the climate. EUMETSAT operates its meteorological satellites from a ground station located in Darmstadt, especially established for this purpose. This center is part of a new ground control system including a Primary Ground Station in Fucino (Italy), data up-link stations in Bracknell (UK), Toulouse (France) and Rome (Italy) and a data relais station Lannion (France). EUMETSAT uses DataViews for developing the visualization part of applications running in its control station for the current Meteosat system.

DataViews Application