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Fairchild Dornier

Since 1993, Fairchild Dornier has been using DataViews for visualizing flight data of test flights. 

During those flights, telemetric data are transmitted to the ground station. The data is displayed online on the screens in the control station, so that they can immediately be analyzed. So, for example, the flight can be displayed with an artificial horizon, various aircraft parts can be visualized and data can be edited graphically for a quick analysis. For the future production of jets Fairchild Dornier has decided to use GIPSY® because it has proven to be extremely easy to use and offers online configuration. Also, GIPSY® is used for developing a flightsimulation application on the ground station. In this case, Fairchild Dornier decided to use GIPSY® because it allows cross-platform development due to its tight integration of Tcl/Tk.

PRS GIPSY Application
DataViews Application
DataViews Application